We Made the Front Page!

I was just told that the Castle Pines Connection (a local monthly paper) is featuring a fabulous story about the Quest – on its front page!

Susan Helton is a reporter for the Castle Pines Connection who contacted me after she attended the “Homecoming of the Lost Lord Keeper” talk at the Cherokee Castle.  She was interested in doing a piece on The Quest, but also on me (perhaps hoping to find out what possesses me about this project)!

Susan just contacted me to let me know that the print publication is in production now, and that her article was chosen to be featured on the front page!  She also let me know that the photo montage from the article will be used as the banner photo in the paper’s Facebook page.   So, go check it out, and give it a “like”!

Here is the link to the July edition of the Castle Pines Connection!

Great article, Susan – thanks very much!

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