600_453945882Greetings!  This online journal is intended to serve as a forum for organizing and sharing my research regarding 1600’s English Lord Keeper Richard Lane, and my quest to bring his remarkable story to light.

Among my varied interests, I have discovered a keen interest in the time period in which Richard Lane lived and the fascinating trajectory of his life.  As I have learned more about him, what began as an academic interest has become admiration.  And I am intrigued by the wealth of available historical evidence regarding the English Revolution, Lord Keeper Lane and his remarkable book.

Ultimately, I believe it is possible to integrate this scattered haystack of information into a verifiable story and to resolve many of the mysteries involved.  And so, I am a historical enthusiast turned sleuth in my quest in order to see it done.  I hope you enjoy following this unfolding story, and the people of the historical communities I engage with along the way!

– Gregory Sherwood   – Castle Rock, Colorado USA