Gregory Sherwood is a private historical researcher and blog author from the state of Colorado in the United States.  Since his research began in 2015, it has taken on a life of its own as Sherwood pieced together a significant number of connections and made new discoveries regarding this elusive Lord Keeper of the middle 1600’s.

Begun after acquiring a copy of the 1657 “Lane’s Reports,” it is expected his detailed inquiry regarding the life and legacy of Sir Richard Lane (1584-1650) will culminate in at least one book in the next few years.

A technologist and analyst by trade (and an amateur musician and outdoors adventurist at leisure) Sherwood has bachelors and masters degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science, and currently holds five patents.

Sherwood joined the Société Jersiaise while investigating an overlooked passage in the Diary of the 1600’s Jerseyman Jean Chevalier. This passage provided testimony resolving the mystery of Sir Richard Lane’s fate in exile during the English Civil War, and to a strong case that his potentially intact but unmarked grave lies under the floor of the thousand year old Town Church of St. Helier, Jersey.

Sherwood has since made two research trips to England and Jersey as part of the project, and has given talks on the “Quest for the Lost Lord Keeper” in Jersey, England and the United States.  Sherwood recently gave a presentation regarding his analysis of the 1844 painting, “The Trial of Strafford” to the office of the Curator of the Parliamentary Art Collection at Westminster, London. Sherwood was also published in the 2018 annual publication of the Société Jersiaise.

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