The Heraldic Arms of Richard Lane

With each answered question a new mystery springs! Is it possible the sketch of Richard Lane’s arms in Jean Chevalier’s diary was drawn later, from Chevalier’s description? Or were they incorrectly presented on the pall over Richard Lane’s casket? Continue reading “The Heraldic Arms of Richard Lane”

Summary Report of Jersey Visit (Part I)

I have found no evidence that Richard Lane visited Jersey before he arrived there with Charles II and his “entourage in exile” on September 17, 1649.  Richard Lane could not have been part of Charles II’s entourage during his first visit to Jersey from April 17, 1646 – June 24, 1646.  At the time of that earlier visit, Charles I was still alive, and Richard Lane was in Oxford, negotiating with parliamentary forces for the surrender of the King’s forces there. Continue reading “Summary Report of Jersey Visit (Part I)”

Summary Report of our London Visit

I’m going to need a vacation to recover from my “vacation”!  Although it’s good to be to be back home in “the colonies”, I am deeply grateful for every moment of the last week in the UK.  Continue reading “Summary Report of our London Visit”

Day 1: This was Supposed to be a “day off”!


First Day in London

I would like to publish a “day’s end” report each day, but I’m going to have to make it brief – I am exhausted…and am racing to get this sent before my battery dies!  First – The Z City Hotel has provided the perfect writing environment  – complimentary wine, chocolate and cheese.  Bravo! Continue reading “Day 1: This was Supposed to be a “day off”!”